Ethical Manufacturing

At Silk Leppard, we prioritise manufacturing ethics. Our factories strictly adhere to social compliance standards and implement measures to minimise their environmental impact. By collaborating with brands that have low minimum order quantities and prioritise high-quality fabrics, our factories meet BSCI standards and comply with local regulations concerning environmental protection. These factories provide training on environment protection to workers, adopt plastic-free packaging and trims, conduct tests on wastewater and air emissions, implement ecological waste management systems, establish environment protection policies, and report monthly on water consumption. Additionally, we prefer fabrics, mills, and eco-dyes that are GOTS, Lenzing, and recycled certified.

Cultural Values

At Silk Leppard, integrity, creativity, and conviction define our brand and guide every decision we make. These values are embedded in our DNA and serve as a prerequisite for anyone joining our team. We cultivate a culture that fosters inclusion, creativity, love, awareness, and generosity. We are committed to supporting causes that hold a special place in our hearts.